How it all began …


During the pastorate of Rev. Mike Weber, Calvary was a leading church in Scouting on Cleveland’s west side. Boy Scouts learn to enjoy & care for the outdoors, and follow the instruction to “leave no trace” when camping. Some of these Scouts are now adults in the congregation, and continue to live by these creation care values. Additionally, several Calvary families continue in Scouting to this day.


Calvary began recycling all cardboard, glass, paper, and plastic. Then in 2007 during our church building renovation, we increased our energy efficiency with all new windows, HVAC upgrade, and new roof & walls.


We performed an energy audit on the church parsonage & made the recommended changes to dramatically increase the parsonage energy efficiency. We held two “Creation Care Kids” camps for church & neighborhood kids. We participated in our first tree-planting with the West Side Tree Stewards, planting 25 trees on nearby Pear Avenue. And we planted milkweed and butterfly bushes on the church grounds to care for eastern monarch butterflies.


 We officially began our Creation Care Team! In the summer of 2020, during a season of discernment & prayer during the covid-19 pandemic, the Elders discerned that all of our ministries should be Christ-centered, gospel-inspired, and contribute to the restoration of all creation (people, places, and things in Cleveland & beyond).

Pastor Dean and lay leader Suresh Pillay sensed God’s call to start the Team.