3rd Saturday of every month,
6-11PM @ Calvary!

Hi, welcome to our family-friendly game night! Feel free to use our games or bring a new game! I love new games! As the host, I usually help others to learn the rules of the board games, but relish the chance to sit with fellow gamers and “throw down or roll dice in honorable combat.” [Game Night leader Josh Frye, Owner of Open Door Games LLC]

Board Games Include: Splendor, Axis and Allies, Cosmic Encounter (Fantasy Flight Version), Puerto Rico, Galaxy Trucker, La Havre, Last Night On Earth, Machi Koro (Expansion Too), Formula D, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on Cursed Island, Sushi Go, Catan, Takenoko, Space Cadets, For Sale, Eight Minute Empire: Legends, Pandemic, Mystery of the Abbey, Arkham Horror, Rampage, and Dominion.